With changing time and tide, the date published and processed has tremendously changed the face of the storehouses. Considering the mind boggling amounts of data that are produced per minute across the online world, the most potential technology tackling the data management and manipulation is the ‘BIGDATA HADOOP’. Equipped with tools and technologies to sort and verify the online data existing in various forms such as social media data, transport data, stock-exchange data, search-engine data etc. it has been marked and has managed to contribute in business development protocols by enhancing the procedures of assessment and analysis.

We at Red Prefer, not only equip you with the necessary details to learn and grow but also provide hands-on experiences by co-working and modulating important projects to attain unmatched expertise and unparalled training. A glossary of benefits are explained and explored to diversify the training thus availed.

  •  Introduction to BIG DATA and Its characteristics
  •  4 V's of BIG DATA(IBM Definition of BIG DATA)
  •  What is Hadoop?
  •  Why Hadoop?
  •  Core Components of Hadoop
  •  Intro to HDFS and its Architecture
  •  Difference b/w Code Locality and Data Locality
  •  HDFS commands
  •  Name Node’s Safe Mode
  •  Different Modes of Hadoop
  •  Intro to MAPREDUCE
  •  Versions of HADOOP
  •  What is Daemon?
  •  Hadoop Daemons?

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