About Us

About Us

“Don’t learn the existing, build the new with us!”

Are you passionate about coding? Do computers interest you? Is artificial intelligence stimulating to you? Then, we are the right place for you. We have a spectrum of computer courses to make you the competitive right fit. With certified trainers and interactive methods of teaching and learning, we redefineteaching; we don’t just teach but guide you into acing your chosen course. We empower your skill by fine tuning your doubts through our online portals accessible from anywhere, anytime. We analyze, assess and assist you throughout the learning process and ensure utmost productivity. We support insightful learning that boosts fine skill and confidence to face the real computing world!

About Prefer Technologies


With changing time and tide, the date published and processed has tremendously changed the face of the storehouses.


Wanna become an expert in Big Data & Analytics? Spark will enlighten you with ways to boost your expertise.

DevOps with AWS

Primarily used wide concepts such as Infrastructure-as-Code, CI/CD pipeline, Immutable Infrastructure, Deployment Strategies .


AWS are renowned for collection of services and solutions for effective cloud platform management.


In common terms, Selenium is renowned as the portable framework for testing web applications.